Military Time FAQs

What do 1700 military time and 1800 military time mean?

What is 1700 military time?
1700 military time = 5 pm

What is 1800 military time?
1800 military time = 6 pm

What is 1900 military time?
1900 military time = 7 pm

What is Military Time?

Also known as 24 hour time, military time counts the hours of the day from 0 to 24, from midnight to midnight. What is military time good for? Avoiding confusion! With military time, there’s no need to specify am or pm. That makes military time ideal for all sorts of situations where accuracy in recording the time can mean the difference between life and death.

How Do I Learn How to Tell Military Time?

If you’re used to 12 hour time, you can easily convert to military time by adding 12 to the hour of any pm times. To convert from military time to 12 hour time, subtract 12 from pm hours. Learning how to tell military time will help you communicate with loved ones in the service and also allow you to travel abroad more easily. That’s because most countries besides the US and Canada actually use the 24 hour clock for everything.

What Do I Need to Know About How to Read Military Time?

Learning how to read military time is easy. Just remember that leading zeros in morning times are always pronounced, and times exactly on the hour are pronounced in hundreds, not thousands. Here are some examples: 0500 = zero five hundred. 1500 = fifteen hundred. Sometimes people will pronounce zero as “oh.”

How Do I Write Military Time?

The trickiest part of how to write military time is remembering not to leave out any leading zeroes. You should also leave out the colon between hours and minutes.

What are Military Time Zones?

Military time zones are identical to civilian time zones. The difference is in how we refer to them, not where they are or what time they are on. Each time zone is assigned a letter and a corresponding word in the military alphabet. For example, Greenwich Mean Time is known as Z and pronounced Zulu.

Common Military Time Conversion Questions

What is 1300 military time?
1300 military time = 1 pm

What is 1400 military time?
1400 military time = 2 pm

What is 1500 military time?
1500 military time = 3 pm

What is 1600 military time?
1600 military time = 4 pm

What is midnight in military time?

Midnight in military time = 0000 or 2400
Midnight is a bit tricky, because it simultaneously marks the end of one day and the beginning of another. Though people will often refer to 2400, a clock should flip straight from 2359 to 0000.

If you’re just entering the world of military time, you probably have a lot of questions! On this page we provide answers to some of the most common military time questions, as well as quick conversions for the most troublesome military times like 1700 military time and 1800 military time.