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While the rest of the world uses 24 hour time on a daily basis and has fully internalized this time-keeping method, those of us in America or Canada might need some extra help. After, all, we live in some of the few countries that relegate 24 time to specialized professions like healthcare, the military, aviation, meteorology, etc. If you need to interact with someone in one of these professions, chances are they will insist on using 24 hour time! After all, it is more precise and leaves no room for miscommunication or ambiguity. Fortunately, you can complete your military time conversion accurately and instantly using our convenient military time converter.

24 Hour Clock

Our Military Time Converter Works as a 24 hour Clock Converter.

Military time is really just another name for 24 hour time. There are a few small differences between the two time-keeping systems, but these differences are mainly clerical, having to do with how the time is written out. 24 hour time uses a colon to separate minutes and hours and sometimes drops the leading zero, while military time does neither of these things.

For example, when doing a military time conversion on 6:45 AM, a military time converter or an army time converter would display the result as 0645, while a 24 hour clock converter would display 6:45. There’s no need for the AM designation in 24 hour time because there is only one 6 AM per day!

Army Time

Civilian Uses for an Army Time Converter.

In the vast majority of countries around the world, 24 hour time is the norm, even for civilians! But if you are a civilian in America, Canada, or one of the other countries that commonly uses 12 hour time, you will need a conversion tool in order to talk time with citizens of other nations. This means that a military time converter can be used for activities like tourism and international business, as well as for domestic activities in fields that require precise recording of times, like medicine and aviation.